Estimating angles game

Have a go at this game. See if you can stop the angle on the exact number of degrees shown. Good luck!

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Place value games

Here are the links to the games we played today.

Fruit Shoot

Scooter Quest

Frobenius numbers investigation

Children’s University

Children’s University Graduation on PhotoPeach

Arranging the tables

We did this activity in class.  Can you find other ways of making 44 places using 15 tables?

The 24 Game

Click on this link to go to the 24 game.  See if you can solve it without clicking on “Solution”.  Leave me a comment to say how you got on.


The Pied Piper problem

Click on this link to go to the Pied Piper problem

Play cops and robbers

On the page from this link, click on “Download interactivity”.
Can you work out how to find the robber in 4 moves?

Magic Letters

Why not have a go at this investigation?